Multimeter Application Notes
Manufacturer Application Note Size  
10 Dumb things smart people do when testing electricity 444 KB download datasheet
ABCs of DMMs. Multimeter features and functions explained 640 KB download manual
Case Study: Safety Tester Upgrade 951 KB download datasheet
Ten ways to hurt yourself on electrical systems 1.64 MB download manual
Testing your test leads for electrical safety 235 KB download datasheet
Use Study – Leigh Copp / Industrial 93 KB download manual
Case Study: Allen Bradley and the Fluke 87V DMM 309 KB download datasheet
Electrical measurements on adjustable speed drives 338 KB download manual
Measuring adjustable speed drives 14.45 MB download datasheet
Multimeter measurements on variable frequency drives using the new Fluke 289 DMM 436 KB download manual
How Finch Customs keeps their choppers wired 613 KB download manual
Marine electronics 512 KB download datasheet
Case Study: Fluke test tools weather Iraq 293 KB download manual
Case Study: Precision measurement for nuclear power 996 KB download datasheet
Diagnosing power problems at the receptacle 1.18 MB download manual
Fluke tools are golden at the Alaskan Pogo Gold Mine 415 KB download datasheet
Testing rectifiers with a DMM 215 KB download manual
Troubleshooting electrical problems in high-end TVs 1.19 MB download datasheet
Dual impedance digital multimeters — What’s the point? 293 KB download manual
Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter drives the ghosts out of electric circuits 913 KB download datasheet
Stray Voltage Affects Multimeter Measurements 593 KB download manual
Impressions of the 289/FVF 751 KB download datasheet
Troubleshooting intermittents with a DMM 196 KB download manual
Min/Max/Avg An under-utilized function on your DMM 282 KB download datasheet
Under-utilized functions: How to use Fast/Peak Min/Max on your DMM- Featuring the Fluke 187-189 and 87V DMMs 282 KB download manual
Accessories after the fact: Getting the most from your meter 163 KB download datasheet
Case Study: Testing power output at Sharp Solar 313 KB download manual
Everyday troubleshooting with the Fluke 116 DMM 239 KB download datasheet
In a pinch, use your DMM and clamp as a gauss meter 141 KB download manual
Lights, camera, action! Fluke goes to the movies 1.81 MB download datasheet
Revenue meter socket checks using the new Fluke 113 Utility Multimeter 1.15 MB download manual
Troubleshooting A/V systems 1.36 MB download datasheet
Voltage measurements made easy 2.17 MB download manual
The new Fluke 233 wireless digital multimeter 137 KB download datasheet
289/FVF helps to develop high voltage sources 758 KB download manual
Case Study: Datalogging tools for manufacturing research development 990 KB download datasheet
Case Study: Fluke DMMs in Antarctica 25.69 MB download manual
Case Study: Fluke donates DMMs to Al Asad Air Base 329 KB download datasheet
Datalogging with the 189 DMM 296 KB download manual
Electrician/industrial technician applications for the Fluke 289 DMM 399 KB download datasheet
Electronic technician applications with the Fluke 287 DMM 399 KB download manual
Event recording (or logging) with a Fluke 287/289 Digital Multimeter 2.91 MB download datasheet
Handheld vs. bench DMMs. No longer a clear cut choice 175 KB download manual
Railroad bridge motor and drive testing 370 KB download datasheet
Trend recording and analysis with the Fluke 289 DMM 486 KB download manual
Using multimeter features beyond voltage 187 KB download datasheet
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