GE Druck 781-016 Series
Intecal Calibration Management Software

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GE Druck 781-016 Series
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  • Windows based software
  • 4-tier user security ensures data integrity and tracks maintenance actions
  • Supports Asset, Device or Tag based instrument definitions
  • Stores instrument details, procedures and results
  • Compatible with controllers, indicators, portable calibrators and automatic piston gauges
  • Maintenance scheduling utility
  • Calibration certificates including customization
  • Manual calibration tool supports older non-compatible equipment
  • Automated support for equipment with FCINTF hardware drivers

The GE Druck Intecal Calibration Management Software is an easy to use calibration management software application for generating calibration procedures, automating calibrations when used in combination with laboratory standards, controllers and portable calibrators, scheduling calibrations and documenting results. The Druck Intecal Software has been developed to help meet demands for increasing efficiency and automating the test and calibration process.

GE offers the most comprehensive range of electrical, pressure and temperature test and calibration equipment and when used with Intecal, significant cost savings can be realized by:
  • Maximizing calibration/maintenance productivity
  • Fully automating the calibration process (Intecal Advanced)
  • Optimizing product quality
  • Minimizing production costs
  • Reducing the burden of ISO 9000, etc.
  • Reducing documentation time and errors
Intecal Software System
Intecal provides all the features for efficient calibration management:
  • Simple to use
  • Supports tag numbers and asset numbers
  • Compatible with both GE digital pressure controllers and portable calibrators, in addition to third party calibrators using FCINTF
  • Manual data entry
  • Time-based calibration scheduling
  • Historical records
  • Export calibration reports to .pdf, .doc and .xls
  • Multi-languages available
  • Comprehensive help
  • Compatible with select digital mulitmeters and mulitplexers to automatically acquire readings from the device under test
Intecal is available in: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Database Architecture
Intecal uses the popular Explorer tree structure to view nested locations. This philosophy is simple to learn and enables plant areas and process instrumentation to be organized and managed effectively.

System Security
To prevent unauthorized editing of data, Intecal uses a four tier password-protected security system. Database management is exclusive to the supervisor and administrator while the technician user is permitted to create work orders and transfer data between PC and field calibrators.

Employee Manager
Authorized employees are issued with a user ID, which embodies their unique e-signature used to invoke calibration procedures and save result files. The employee name is automatically populated on the calibration report.

Instrument Records
The 'function' pane is the direct portal to the device database containing the following:
  • Manufacturer, model number and serial number of instrument, the input and output range data and calibration pass/fail criteria
  • Generic test procedures and work orders to assist resource planning
  • Archived calibration history and reports, including as found/as left data complete with graphs

Time-Based Schedule
A time-based search engine quickly identifies devices due or overdue for calibration. This simple but powerful resource management tool helps plan routine calibration and outage maintenance.

Field Calibration
Portable documenting calibrators can be programmed with object lists and test procedures. In the field these routines are executed automatically for electrical and temperature calibrations or semi-automatically where manual setting is required, for example, pressure generation. The device error is indicated with the PASS/FAIL status and both As Found and As Left calibrations are supported. This automation promotes uniformity and eliminates human errors.

Manual Data Entry
Calibrators and test equipment without serial communications, for example deadweight testers, are supported with a manual data entry facility. Calibration results are entered as the test proceeds, or alternatively, results recorded from field calibrators can be entered later. This feature provides total compatibility with existing equipment and allows the full benefits of automated calibration to be realized at a later date when older equipment is replaced by documenting calibrators.

Laboratory calibration (Intecal Advanced only)
Calibration systems can be configured to meet specific test and accuracy requirements with the flexibility to have up to three instruments working together. This includes an instrument for setting/controlling the input parameter, a standard for measuring the input and a standard for measuring the output. These systems can be fully automated or allow manual control and data entry for non-compatible standards or devices under test.

Calibration Reports
The calibration certificates can be printed or exported in a clear logical format that complies with the requirements of quality approvals such as ISO 9000. As found and as left results are detailed in numerical and graphical form including pass/fail status, and important information about the device calibrated, the calibrator used and the technician.

Intecal System Requirements
  • OS Windows, 2000, NT4 and XP
  • CPU Intel 486, 66 MHz or greater (Pentium recommended)
  • Memory 128 MB RAM or greater (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard drive space: 50 MB for installation.
  • CD-ROM drive or Internet access
Model Compatible with:
Part No. 781-016-B
for Intecal Basic
  • DPI 325 high pressure pneumatic calibrator
  • DPI 335 high pressure hydraulic calibrator
  • DPI 605 precision pressure calibrator
  • DPI 615 pressure calibrator
  • MCX II precision multifunction calibrator
  • TRX II multifunction calibrator
Part No. 781-016-A
for Intecal Advanced
Same as Intecal Basic for field calibration plus the following laboratory
based instruments:
  • 7010, 7215, 7250, 7350, 7610, 761 pressure controllers
  • 7200 series pressure indicators
  • DBC series dry block temperature calibrators
  • DPI 150 pressure indicator
  • DPI 515 pressure controller (supports SCM)
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S_781-016-B GE Druck 781-016-B Intecal Basic Calibration Management Software Discontinued
S_781-016-A GE Druck 781-016-A Intecal Advanced Calibration Management Software Discontinued