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Eclipse Hand Tools Catalog

Cable Tacker Extractors LCR Meters Soldering and
Rework Stations
Cable Testers Fiber Optics Luggage Cart Socket Wrenches
Cable Tie Tools File Sets Magnifying Tools Sound Level Meter
Capacitance Meters Flashlights Measuring Devices Strippers
Cases Glue Guns Multimeters Test Leads
Cleaning Tools Hammers Pick-up Tools Thread Chasers
Crimpers Heat Guns Pliers Tool Kits
Cutters Hex Keys Power Meter Tweezers
Datacom Hole Punch Tools Power Tools Ultrasonic Cleaners
Data Diver Inspection Tips and Adapters Punch Down Tools Vises/Clamps
Distance Meter Inspection Mirrors Replacement Parts Voltage Detector
Digital Thermometer Knives Scissors Wrenches
ESD Static Protection Light Meters Screwdrivers  
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