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Hioki IR4057-20

5-Range High Speed Digital Insulation Tester, 1000V DC with Continuity Check

Brand: Hioki
Model No: IR4057-20
Our Model No: IR405720
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • High Speed Model
  • 5-range testing voltage of 50 V/100 M-Ohm to 1000 V/4000 M-Ohm
  • Digital bar graph
  • Stable & high-speed digital readings, 0.3 second response time for PASS/ FAIL decisions
  • Drop proof onto concrete from 1m (3.28 feet)
  • Bright LED, luminous LCD, test lead with bright LED lamp to illuminate near hand (Option L9788-11 or L9788-10)
  • Continuity check via 200 mA testing
  • Built in AC/DC voltage meter, useful for testing solar power generation systems and electric vehicles

The Hioki IR4057-20 is a 5-range, 50V to 1000V digital insulation resistance tester with bargraph, and delivers efficient functions and features to help shorten work time associated with field insulation testing.

Comparator function provides PASS/FAIL decisions at a glance

The comparator function compares measured values to preset referance values to generate a pass or fail judgement. (can be used with insulation resistance measurement and low resistance measurement.) - The stable display is easy to read, increasing work efficiency.

Instant Judgement

Since the IR4057-20 generates judgments as soon as the test lead makes contact, it is possible to make a rapid series of measurements in the manner of a continuity check. This is usefeul when there are numerous measurement locations.

Identify PASS/FAIL using light and sound

The IR405720 notifies the operator of pass and fail judgments using a beeping sound, LCD light, and comparator indicator on the test lead with remote control switch (optional accessory), allowing determinations of compliance to be made without looking at the instrument.

PASS - When the measures value is greater than or equal to the referance value - No change to screen/Short beep.

FAIL - When the measures value is less than the referance value - Red screen/Continuous beep.

Bar Graph for visual judgements

The IR4057-20 features a bar graph useful in determining compliance of circuits with a large capacitance component, for example solar panels, due to the ability to illustrate charging status behavior.

Designed for safety and peace of mind

  • DROP PROOF - IR4057-20 is built tough to withstand a 1-meter drop onto a concrete floor
  • AC/DC voltage measurement (with AC/DC automatic detection function)
  • 200 mA grounding line continuity check function
  • Integrated hard case with silding cover
  • 1 - Test Lead L9787
  • 1 - Neck Strap
  • 1 - User manual
  • 4 - AA LR6 alkaline batteries
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L9787-91 Hioki L9787-91 Breaker Pin for the L9787 Test Lead Add to Cart


L9787 Hioki L9787 Test Lead Bundled with Line/Earth Lead and Alligator Clip Add to Cart


L9788-10 Hioki L9788-10 Test Lead with Remote Switch Insulation Tester Add to Cart


L9788-11 Hioki L9788-11 Test Lead Set with Remote Switch Insulation Tester Add to Cart


L9788-90 Hioki L9788-90 Interchangeable Tip-Pin for Test Leads, 1 - 3/8 inch Length Add to Cart


L9788-92 Hioki L9788-92 Breaker Pin for the L9788-10 Insulator Test Lead Add to Cart


9804-02 Hioki 9804-02 Magnetic Voltage Cord Tip Adapter, Black Color Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.15 MB)
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