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Hioki IR4053-10

Digital Insulation Resistance and PV Tester, 1000V DC

Brand: Hioki
Model No: IR4053-10
Our Model No: IR405310
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Safely and accurately measure PV insulation resistance even while generating solar power
  • Built-in PV dedicated function, display measurements in 4 seconds
  • Five ranges (50/125/250/500/1000 V) built in for normal insulation resistance measurement
  • Built-in 1000 V DC voltage measurement for open voltage tests of PV systems that support 1000 V
  • Built-in comparator function
  • Drop proof design withstands drop onto concrete from a height of 1 meter

The Hioki IR405310 is a digital insulation resistance tester for photovoltaic generation systems. Measure insulation resistance accurately and safely without being affected by generated solar power and identify the value in just 4 seconds.

Measurement not affected by generating PV

The IR4053-10, which was designed for PV, can accurately measure insulation resistance without being affected by the generating PV.

Displays measurement in 4 seconds

The IR4053 displays the measured value just 4 seconds after starting measurement. After the first display, the displayed value is updated each second. Comfortably carry out swift measurements.

Turn off the Isolator

Check the open voltage and polarity

Measure between P (+) and the Earth

Measure between N (-) and the earth

If there is no problem in the measurement between the earth and p (+) the IR4053-10 continues on to measure the insulation resistance between N (-) and the earth. When the voltage is detected, the IR4053 will inform you of earth fault with a red flash.

Measure with PVΩ function

Use the PVΩ function to accurately measure the insulation resistance. Because it is a PV dedicated function, you can get accurate values that is impossible with normal insulation resistance measurement.

  • 1 - Test Lead L9787
  • 1 - Neck Strap
  • 1 - User manual
  • 4 - AA LR6 alkaline batteries
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.94 MB)
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