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Onset U14-001

HOBO LCD Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger

Brand: Onset
Model No: U14-001
Our Model No: U14001
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • NOTE: This product requires HOBOware software (USB interface cable included w/BHW-PRO-CD purchase, ONLY)
  • Faster USB data download time
  • Improved Temperature/Relative Humidity sensor resolution
  • Real-time display of Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Alarm display and output ensure timely notification of out-of-range conditions
  • Two models to choose from - internal Temperature/Relative Humidity external Temperature or Temperature/Relative Humidity
  • Optional Remote Alarm and Autodialer
  • Optional protective case for wet or condensing environments
  • Compatible with HOBOware and HOBOware Pro software for logger setup, graphing and analysis
  • Environments: The U14-001 Data Logger is for use in Indoor environments
  • Measurements: Temperature, Relative Humidity
  • Range: Temp -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
  • RH 0 to 100%
  • Accuracy: Temp ±0.21°C from 0° to 50°C (±0.38°F from 32° to 122°F); ±0.13°C (0.24°F) typical
  • ±2.5% from 10% to 90% RH (typical), to a maximum of ±3.5% including hysteresis

The Onset HOBO U14-001 LCD Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger displays, records, and provides alarm notifications of temperature and humidity conditions. Receive out-of-range alarms notifications with the optional Auto Dialer or Remote Audible Alarm. These loggers are well-suited for use in manufacturing, processing, and storage environments where reliable monitoring and documentation of temperature and relative humidity conditions is critical.

Note: U14-001 data loggers require the HOBOware software (free to download) to operate. Please also note that a USB interface cable comes with the purchase of a HOBOware Pro CD (BHW-PRO-CD), only.

  • 1 - HOBO LCD Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger
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Onset U14-001 HOBO U14 LCD Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger
Onset U14-001
HOBO U14 LCD Temperature/RH Data Logger
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