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Aeroflex FS5000B-18
Fequency Synthesizer - 0.3 to 18.0 GHz Range

  • Wide frequency coverage from a single unit
  • Sub-microsecond switching over the entire frequency range (200nsec)
  • Amplitude Leveling
  • Hop rate faster than 1 megahop/sec
  • Includes three options - see below
  • High performance modulations: FM Chirp, Pulse, AM, FM
  • High spectral purity
  • Vibration tolerant: proven in airborne applications
  • Locks to standard 10MHz
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Aeroflex FS5000B18

Product Information
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Included Options:

  • 1 Hz frequency resolution
  • 10 MHz Phase Lock Capability , Internal reference can be phase locked to 10 MHz Signal at 0 dBm +/-2dbm. ( Provides External 10 MHz + 2dBm +/- 2 dBm. )
  • 19 Inch standard equipment rack mounting slides
The frequency generation technique used by the FS5000 series is Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis, implemented in a patented, iterative, modular, architecture. Based on mixing, adding, and dividing fixed frequencies using wide-band mixers, ultrafast switches and switched filter banks, this technique is singular in providing, simultaneously, the attributes of fast switching speed, high spectral purity, and wide frequency range. Direct Analog Frequency Synthesis also is inherently rugged and reliable - there are no loops to unlock and no vibration sensitive oscillators
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FS5000B18 Aeroflex FS5000B-18 Fequency Synthesizer - 0.3 to 18.0 GHz Range - Refurbished  Buy Now $81,995.00